Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How to Achieve a Natural Makeover

Hi sweets,
I spent most of my day @ shopping mall 2day doing window shopping!! LOL. I cant say what i saw there, came back and was like hell no i must do a post on how to achieve a natural makeup!!!!!!

Most ladies wear loads of bright cakey makeup and incredibly dark, dramatic clothes all in the name of trying to look beautiful
!!*smile*......... If you're going somewhere like shopping, church, school or to hangout with  Boo Boo!LOL. you can stay very light. 
 Hope this preview would show you how to achieve a light, fresh and natural face with a small amount of makeup.
  1. Start off by cleansing your face: Wash your face with lukewarm water and dry your face gently with a towel. Apply a good moisturiser
  3. Apply foundation: Take a foundation brush and put a little bit of foundation on it. Start dabbing it lightly all over your face, and blend. Or, you can just dab concealer on areas where it's needed
  5. Take a neutral colour eyeshadow and lightly brush it over your lids: You don't need too much. Just make sure you can see it. You can always add a slightly darker colour on top to enhance your eyes a little more
  7. Curl your lashes and apply a mascara: Make sure you get your bottom lashes too
  9. Dust a light rosy blush or colour of your choice over your cheeks.
  11. Apply a light-medium peachy or pink lip colour and apply clear lip gloss on top if desired.
                          YaYa: You've achieved a beautiful, natural look!

                           don't forget to always send in you questions and comments!

Tnx  for viewing
be good sweets 

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