Friday, 16 May 2014

please vote for me......

Hi guys,
how are y'all doing?
this is a very important post for me a post that can change my life for good,
I'm sure you guys must have heard or seen the on going Buntricia IG global competition. I want to let y'all know that I'm part of the competition and that I DO REALLY NEED your votes to qualify for the next stage......please vote for me, as this will help enhance my makeup skill as y'all know one can never stop learning......

How to vote please click on the below link, like the page continue and then you vote....the 1st picture you see is my job which you can see in this blog.
you must have facebook account to vote.
also note that if your a makeup artist you can still compete, entry is still open till  may 27th 2014
you can enter using this link.........
God bless you as your about making my dream come to pass....
thank you so so so much.

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