Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to Choose Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day......

 Good makeup is very important on your wedding day and you want to be confident you will look fabulous in person as well as in pictures so you need to find a high-quality makeup artist.....

 Decide what makeup style you want before looking for the makeup artist: Already have a clue of what you want your makeup to look like that great day––it's time to amass a few ideas so that you can narrow it down to a few choices. Look through books, magazines, and even in the hairdressing salon's books for makeup ideas. Ensure you go through magazines, etc. that has your skin type featured in it.

Go through the kinds of makeup you like the most. Visit the beauty stores that carry the lines you like best. Ask to take a look at some of the makeup artist's portfolio. Do you like the portfolio makeup? If so, that's a good start. 
 If you like the convenience of having someone come to you directly on your wedding day then seek out makeup artists that are mobile in your area.
  Ask your friends, family, coworkers, etc. if they can recommend a good makeup artist and if possible, look at the makeup artist’s portfolio to see if you like the artist’s work yourself! If you're having your wedding planned by a wedding planner, ask if they have any makeup artist suggestions, because they should have at least one....

Trialing the makeup artist: this is Very Very  important, you must come to agreement on how you will look on that amazing day.....Secondly, most times what you see on internet, magazines, lookbook, etc. is'nt how it is in real live
 Hope this would help

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